Referral Rewards: 50% off the first month for the new member, 50% off your next month

Fill out this form below to claim the referral bonus!

1. New member MUST remain a member for 3 months, or we will revoke the referral reward (in the form of charging both the new and existing member the amount of the referral discount)

2. If the new member is signing on under the couples discount with the current “referring” member, that is double dipping, they have to choose either the referral bonus, or the couples bonus

3. “Deep” discounts like Black Friday Sale, New Years Sale, etc. do not qualify for any referral bonuses (they are already insanely discounted)

4. In the event of an upfront membership, the referral discount will be a flat $65.

5. You MUST report the referral within 30 days of the start of the referred membership to qualify for the referral bonus

6. Non-recurring memberships (Punchcards, Week Passes, etc.) do not qualify